The Med-e-Tel 2014 conference program will feature presentations of successful business cases, research activities, pilot projects, practical experiences from health and social care providers, and panel discussions, offering both local and international perspectives on eHealth and telemedicine opportunities and experiences.

A variety of thematical sessions throughout the 3-day conference will allow you to attend those presentations and workshops that matter most to your daily activities and interests. Use the program as a "menu" from which you can select those sessions and presentations that are of interest and relevance to you, or that you want to hear more about. Med-e-Tel is much more than just the conference program alone: it is the opportunity to meet and network with telemedicine and eHealth stakeholders from around the world, to see technologies and solutions in the expo area, and to forge new collaborations and partnerships with other participants.

The Med-e-Tel 2014 Opening Sessions will include welcome addresses and keynote presentations by:

  • Andy Fischer, President, International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth
  • Regina Ungerer, World Health Organization (TBC)
  • Veronique-Ines Thouvenot, Head, Women and eHealth (WeHealth) International Working Group, Millennia2025 Foundation
  • Romain Schneider, Minister of Social Security, Luxembourg
  • Mike Schwebag, Ministry of Health, Luxembourg
  • Tapani Piha, Head of Unit, eHealth and Health Technology Assessment, DG Health and Consumers, European Commission
  • Thi Thai Hang Nguyen, Secretary General, Diplomatic Council - The Global Think Tank
  • Beatrice Falise Mirat, Director Public & Regulatory Affairs, Orange Healthcare
  • Mark VanderWerf, Chair, International Special Interest Group, American Telemedicine Association & VP and Director of eHealth, Nonin Medical
  • Sabine Van Huffel, iMinds Medical Information Technologies Department, KU Leuven
  • Corinne Monteil, Director Excellence & Innovation, Sanofi
  • Martin Clark, European Director of Patient Managed Services, Medtronic
  • Tomasz Szelagowski, European Patients' Forum
  • Pete Killcommons, CEO, Medweb
  • Hervé Barge, Director, Agence eSanté, Luxembourg
  • Robert Modre-Osprian, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
  • Marco Capizzi, Communications Officer, European Junior Doctors (EJD) & Coordinator, EJD eHealth Working Group
  • Isa Ngbede, European Medical Students' Association

Topics and thematical sessions of the overall Med-e-Tel 2014 program include:

  • Round table sessions by the Agence eSanté (Luxembourg National eHealth Agency) on the challenges of eHealth and Interoperability and Healthcare and eHealth Tools: A Powerful Combination.
  • A complete track on Telemedicine Initiatives in the Baltic Sea Region throughout the 3 days of the event, in which findings and practical experiences from partners in the eMedic project will be presented and discussed, going from teleconsulation over mHealth and telemonitoring to sustainability and business processes. Presenters include representatives from some of the main university hospitals, national telemedicine associations and leading universities in the Baltic Sea Region.
  • A symposium on Intelligent Systems Supporting Decision-Making for chronic disease management (especially heart disease), presented by the RECAP project, with partners from Belgium, The Netherlands and UK.
  • A session on Women, eHealth and Telemedicine at all Ages of Life: From Birth to Old Age aiming to identify and validate the key issues on the access and use of eHealth and telemedicine at different stages in life for women as individuals, health professionals, IT/Telecom professionals, and decision makers, and to look at how to improve and scale up eHealth and telemedicine services adapted to all ages of women's life. The session will also see the launch of 'UniversalNurse Speaker', a unique multilingual communication web application for nurses on pregnancy, childbirth and maternal health issues. The session is presented by the Women Observatory for eHealth (WeObservatory) and the ISfTeH Working Group on Women (WoW) with support from Connecting Nurses, Connecting Midwives and Sanofi.
  • A look at Junior Doctors' Perspective on eHealth and Future Implications presented by the European Junior Doctors and partner organizations.
  • A Horizon 2020 Info Session, presented in collaboration with Stichting from The Netherlands, giving background information useful hints on funding opportunities in the new EU Funding Program "Horizon 2020". De facto, the session (and Med-e-Tel in general) will also be an excellent opportunity to share future project ideas, identify potential contributors, and form partnerships.
  • Session on eHealth Economics addressing the quest for evidence of clinical effectiveness and economic efficiency of telemedicine and eHealth. The presentations reveal the outcomes of ongoing trials or mainstream applications.
  • A session on Legislation & Quality Standards in eHealth, pointing to another big challenge in the eHealth arena. Insights and relevant information from around the world will be shared in this session.
  • Various sessions on Mobile Health, Telecardiology, eHealth Applications in Surgery, eLearning, eHealth Applications in Pediatric and Perinatal Care, eHealth Applications for Active and Healthy Ageing, eRehabilitation & ePrevention, eHospital and more, demonstrating what exists or what is under development in telemedicine and eHealth.
  • Experiences with Benefits of Open Source Software in Healthcare with contributions from experienced users and developers of open source solutions in healthcare.
  • A workshop by the AFRICA BUILD consortium on Capacity Building through Education, Research and Collaboration: an eHealth Case Study. AFRICA BUILD (AB) is a Coordination Action under the 7th European Framework Programme having the aim of improving the capacities for health research and education in Africa through information and communication technologies. This project has promoted health research, education and evidence-based practice in Africa through the creation of centers of excellence, by using ICT, know-how, eLearning and knowledge sharing, through web-enabled virtual communities. This skills building workshop at Med-e-Tel will show all potentialities and experiences gained through the AFRICA BUILD portal (ABP), from the ICT profile to the benefitting educational role to health researchers and other health care professionals and biomedical informatics developers, deployed in resource-limited and/or North countries.
  • Sixth edition of the ISfTeH Student Videoconference Session, hosted by the ISfTeH Student Working Group, with support from Medgate. This Student session brings remote presentations of student projects and research in eHealth, through web-conferencing via the AnyMeeting platform. After a preliminary selection, 5 students were chosen to present the results of their telemedicine and eHealth projects and research.

Med-e-Tel 2014 conference program details are available here. Stay up-to-date with program and expo news via the Med-e-Tel newsletters.

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